ETH sent to ETC address in Trezor

Sent ETH from Coinbase last week which was sent to my Trezor, unfortunately I selected ETC from my Trezor wallet address and although my ETH has left my Coinbase account the ETH is not showing on my Trezor as I’m assuming it should have been the ETH address.

I did contact Coinbase who responded saying that it is a technical matter that I need to discuss with Trezor as the ETH has been sent correctly.

Can you please help?

Hi @bryancassar

Please, see instructions below

Needed tool: MyEtherWallet

  1. go to Trezor Suite and select Ethereum. Go to Receive tab and click on Show full address. Copy that address, verify it on Trezor’s device display

  2. to import Trezor’s public keys, connect Trezor device, go to MyEtherWallet and pair it with Trezor

  3. as a network, keep using (ETH -

  4. as a derivation path, choose Ethereum Classic (m/44’/61’/0’/0) - it is the address with ETH tokens

  5. after accessing the address, verify that you are still using Ethereum network in the right corner - you can always change the network there (right now you are on Ethereum network, but with derivation path m/44’/61’/0’/0 that is being used for Ethereum Classic)

  6. send the ETH tokens to the address from step 1 (from the address you have got from Trezor Suite Wallet)

note: MyCrypto could be used instead


Thank you for responding,

when I got to do I select connect to Hardwallet/Trezor or use MEW connect to web?

This is wher I am at so far

All I see is many address which I assume are not mine so how do I search for the address that holds my ETH?

Did you receive my respnse ?

You can search for the ETH address on

Hi Petosiris,

I know what the address is but if you look at the screen shot I sent earler from the MTW site there is no function to search and then select my address. There are litterally pages of transaction addresses.
Thank you

The screenshot is from MyEtherwallet or MyCrypto? Sorry, I don’t know either, since I don’t use them, but Pavel’s response to you above in this thread should guide you.


It is points 5 & 6 that I am struggling with as there is knowhwere to inut the address, does Pavel any any futher/simple instruction I could use?

Thank you

Indeed, these addresses are yours. However, if you cannot see the address to which you sent your funds to, then, either Trezor with different seed is used, and/or you have been using a passphrase feature and entered a different one. Both scenarios would result in generating a different wallet with different accounts, containing different addresses.

Are you familiar with the passphrase feature? Learn more Passphrase - Trezor Wiki

Hi Pavel

yes I have passphrase

In such case you must enter exactly the same passphrase as you used when generating the address previously.

when I acccess the passphrase part of the wallet I do not see any tokens in there

First, can you see the address listed (the one to which you sent your funds to)?

can I send you the destination address and transaction hash generated by coinbase?

the hidden wallet shows an address that matches one on MEW but that is not the same address that is registered/shows when I sent the funds from coinbase to my trezor

also I do have the seperate 12 seed, I could not resond earlier as the Trazor forum locks out after a few messages

Does Trezor not offer a more one on one customer service chat as it is very difficult to hold a conversation and resolve issues with hours between conversations?

Please be patient, they have a high volume of support requests. You can open a ticket, using this form, if you want to communicate with them through email instead of in this forum. If so, please post your Ticket ID in this thread afterwards, so Community support see it.

Also, please try the Edit feature of the forums (press the pencil icon below your post), instead of posting another message if you want to add some info. It may allow you to post more in the forum (ie. not block you out for hours).