ETH sent to ETC address in Trezor

Hi @bryancassar,
as @Petosiris suggested, please submit a ticket at aand post here your ticket ID.
Since you will be sharing your destination address with us, it is better to continue in the private ticket.

93214 ticket number attached

Hi @bryancassar

Thanks for submitting the ticket. Please, check your inbox.

I have wrongly sent ETH from exchange to ETC address at my Trezor. Transaction successful at Etherscan. Balance not showing at my Trezor ETH nor ETC. How to correct it.

Hi @Peter7,

See post #2 in this topic thread and if that can help you.

Yes read the post. I am stuck at the same point where byancassar at. I also cant see the address that I sent the ETH after changing derivation path ETC and network ETHmyetherwalIet.

You could submit a ticket and then post your ticket ID here.

Ticket ID attached 99271

I transfered some ETH to an ETC Adress. Now I want to use to transfer these ETH to my ETH Account at my trezor.
When the transaction starts to confirm it says “Forbidden key path” and I cannot finish the transaction.
Can anybody help me?
Problem ETH

@Jens please try to set your safety checks to prompt (can be done in device settings) in Trezor Suite

I attempted to transfer my Ether from Gemini wallet into Trezor but ended up sending it to Ether Classic 1 wallet. Is there a way to reverse and send it back to the Gemini wallet?

Hi @jscho009,

Please see post above by Pavel in this thread.

Dear MichalZ,
Thank you so much for your help. It worked!

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