ETH Balance not showing but showing in MEW


I have always used MEW to interact with my ETH wallet, with keys stored on my Trezor.
I decided to do take the jump with the trezor suite but somehow I cannot see my balance using the suite. I am not sure I follow some of the posts on related topics I was reading but it sounds like it might due to the fact that my ETH on MEW is a few pages down when selecting the address. Could anybody confirm this? What are my options to get that balance visible on the suite? Make a transfer from one address to another one higher up in the list? Thanks for your help!

Hi @jDunn,

Trezor Suite will show you only first ten addresses per wallet.
Also, you can add next address only if the previous one has been used.

But this is just a limit of interface meaning that you are just not able to see those addresses (however they can be seen using any other third party wallet).

You can plug in your device and use FindETH in order to check if desired address has been derived from the recovery seed (and passphrase) currently used.

Many thanks Michal!
Is there a way to move that balance to my first address? Would that work and is that done through a standard ETH transaction that will incur fees?

No worries :wink:
There is no other way… The regular transaction from one address to another is the only way how to move your assets in (any) account.

But then again, since your address was derived from the private keys stored offline on your Trezor. Your coins will be safe. It’s just that if it comes down to it and you want to transfer them you have to you 3rd part wallet (the Tx will need to be signed using your Trezor so again, no problem here security-wise)