ETC sent to the ETH address

hallo, ich habe ETC von coinbase an meine Trezor geschickt, jedoch aus versehen an die ETH adresse in meinem Trezor, die transaktion ist bei coinbase abgeschlossen, aber ich finde diese ETC nicht im meinem Trezor, weder im ETH noch im ETC account. können sie mit helfen???

hello, i have sent ETC from coinbase to my trezor, but by mistake to the ETH address in my trezor, the transaction is completed in coinbase, but i can’t find this ETC in my trezor, neither in the ETH nor in the ETC account. can you help me???

Hi @torini.

Please, keep in mind, we are able to provide support in English only.

Anyway, see instructions below on how to recover your funds.

  1. go to Trezor Suite and select Ethereum Classic. Go to Receive tab and click on Show full address. Copy that address, verify it on Trezor’s device display

  2. to import Trezor’s public keys, connect Trezor device, go to MyEtherWallet and pair it with Trezor

  3. as a derivation path, choose TREZOR (ETH) m/44’/60’/0’/0 - it is the address with ETC tokens

  4. after accessing the address, you can choose a network in the right corner of that application. Select Ethereum Classic network (so right now you are on Ethereum Classic network, but with derivation path m/44’/60’/0’/0 that is being used for Ethereum)

  5. send the ETC tokens to the address from step 1 (from the address you have got from Trezor Suite Wallet)

Thank´s, but i can`t find any ETC here…
etc jpeg

Are you sure you followed the instructions properly, please? Anyway, despite the low quality of the picture, it seems there is a positive balance of 16.4 ETC. (Have a look at the Balance banner in the middle.)

…sorry finally i could manage it
and i got it
thank you

You are welcome. Glad we could help.

Hello together, Hello Pavel,
I’m really sorry but i also need your help.

I have nearly the same problem than torini…but your instructions, didn’t work
Can you (Pavel) please help me also?

My problem:
A friend send me ETH but I gave him my ETC adress.

  • I went to trezor Suite, selected ETH, copied the full adress and veried it on trezor device
  • i went to myehterwallet and pair it with my trezor
  • as a derivation path, i choosed m/44’/61’/0’/0
    than i had to search for the adress a wrongly gave to my friend, but i could’nt find it!!!
    I stucked there!

What did i do wrong? and which further steps do i need to do?

Can you help me?
I’m really lost :frowning:

Hi @shaennin make sure that you are still using Ethereum network and your safety checks are set to prompt.

I have a similiar problem. I transferred ETH from coinbase to an ETC address on my Trezor. Could someone please kindly advise me on how to retrieve it. Thanks in advance


Please, see instructions above

Hi Pavel sorry I should of updated. I did follow your instructions above although switching for ETC derivation path and was able to recover my missing funds. Stressful morning. My fist venture into investing into cryptocurrency and although I was fully aware of the possibility of making a loss I was not prepared to having lost the invesment due to my own incompetence. Thankfully your instructions were spot on and I didn’t have to explain to the wife I just lost an Ethereum coin. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Greatly appreciated!

I did this and I can’t find my original address given by Trezor address apart from thousands of other addresses?


I left Trezor open in the background. Choose the ETH recieve funds, confirmed with Trezor and then copy and pasted.
I then opened the

through my browser and access my walet I have no special phrase so left it blank and then choose the ETC derivation path and found my ETH sitting there I input my cpied address from Trezor (double checked it matched like three to four times) and then changed the network it is directly underneath and you can select from various networks, i.e ETH, BTC etc… I can take a screenshot if you need.
I had to pay a gas fee then to transfer it form my Trezor back to my Trezor :unamused: $4 but I was able to find my lost ETH and it is now safely where it belongs.

I’ve done this without passphrase as I didn’t use one before but still nothing. Just empty accounts and addresses but I scanned and said it was transacted…what is going on…

Address is 0x3AdD921Fd6fec0148cC068396A8caA5e5C97231a


I am very new to crypto investing, recieved my first wallet on Saturday gone. And F##ked up on Sunday morning. Took me circa three hours before I found the right thread to help me solve my dilemma. Maybe you should post more info and a moderator with more experience will be better able to help you.

OK I got it!
Beware of the following:

  1. Passphrase: Did you use a pass phrase with the original transaction
    A) If not do not enter a passphrase
    B) If you did enter the passphrase as you access the wallet through My Ether Wallet.

I will post instructions for people with the brains of builder or a toilet cleaner later after I finish in the pub.

PUB!!! Enjoy, lockdown here again, have a pint for me!

So first thing:

  1. Go into your Trezor and on top beside Dashboard select accounts.

  1. Select Ethereum Classic account
    (If you don’t see Ethereum Classic account click on plus side beside “my accounts” and an option will display “activate more coins” and simply select “Ethereum Classic”…NOT ETHEREUM!!.. were reversing the process here)

  1. Now simply click on the receive tab and copy the address given to you.

  1. Now go to

5.Go to “access my wallet”

  1. Scroll down and tab number three select “hardware wallets” with Trezor written underneath it.

  2. Now select Trezor tab on the next page. (Next step is where it got tricky)

  3. Your should be on page displaying “Select HD Derivation Path” with “Ethereum m/44’/60’/0’/0”

  4. Click unlock wallet which can then allow you to access giving the option of passphrase…but be aware if “YOU DID NOT USE A PASSPHRASE DO NOT ENTER ONE” or if you did use a passphrase “ENTER THE PASSPHRASE”.

  5. You will see the address to which you sent your Etheruem before it got lost in cryptoland and apply it and you should be taken to your Ethereum.

And hopefully please God you never have this experience again.

And this should definitely be more noted before transfer on the platform and yes it’s our responsibility to be aware of such things but it should also be a part of the business model to guide users so they don’t get bombed with unhappy stressed non-tech savvy people.

If there is an issue with this guide please say or if something is not clear please let me know.

Now I am wondering if I send this Ethereum will it show up on my Trezor?

These instructions worked but there was some tweaks I had to make myself.

So before I make any sudden move how to transfer our Ethereum to our Trezor from MyEtherWallet?