ETC sent to the ETH address

Hi @Dunner

Firstly, thanks for sharing the solution of your issue and for your suggestion about showing derivation paths. Already discussed, not implemented yet, though.

Secondly, as for the documentation, you are absolutely right, we have been working on it but there is still a lot to be covered. Trezor Suite is a new app, more detailed manual is about to come. So far, there is some basic information Suite manual:Receiving payments - Trezor Wiki

As for receiving Ethereum, simply create ETH account the same way you added your ETH Classic account. When you have your ETH account, use its receiving address to receive ETH and ERC20 tokens. One ETH account can receive ETH and multiple ERC20 tokens, meaning you don’t need to generate for each token a new ETH account/address.

As for other apps, you can use Trezor with any compatible app you like. See them listed MyEtherWallet is also an option. By using the same seed (stored on your Trezor device) and the same passphrase (if enabled and used) you will be always given the same list of accounts and addresses no matter what app is used with Trezor.

No problem, but to avoid any other mistakes or confusion with your clients I will apply more imagery for each step.

I will add more image instructions to the steps after I release my Eth to my Trezor.

I added Ethereum (not classic) account but the address just says invalid.

Any reason why this could be happening?

I unlocked my Ethereum after a couple hours of tweaking.

I had to adjust the derivation on it though going from Eth to Eth classic.

But now for some reason can not send the Eth from the MEW, just says invalid address.

I have copied an address from the Ethereum account from the suite but does not allow me to send it.

I feel you.

Basically what you need to do first is…don’t panic the Ethereum is still there. Its just you have created a block on the wrong side of the chain but can reclaim it.

When your on the part that says: Select HD Derivation Path, choose Ethereum Classic because this is the path you sent it too. Unselect Ethereum and go to Eth Classic. There it will be very top. Hope it helps.

Are you referring to this warning in Trezor Suite?
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 20-49-57 Send

If so, then click on Convert to checksum address

Instruction number 8 by the way select Derivation Path “Ethereum Classic” otherwise you won’t see your Ethereum since you never used the “Ethereum” path.

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Hi, I have the same problem :-/ I’m following the instructions and I assume in this step I have to select my ETC wallet where I wrongly sent ETH, is that right? There are hundreds of addresses here, how do I find mine?

select ETH derivation path as instructed, then choose the address and then switch to ETC network.

we did it! thanks! :slight_smile:

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