ERC20 from Binance to Trezor Suite

How do I transfer ERC20 (SCRT) from Binance to Trezor using Trezor Suite?

add your token under you suite eth wallet
send your token to your eth wallet adress
The handling fee will be very expensive

suite only support erc20 chain ,it does not support bsc chain

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I have a problem. When I choose SCRT in enter the Trezor ETH address as the destination in Binance, the only network it allows is the BEP20. It does not allow me to choose ERC20. So, am I stuck?

did you used bep20 to Transfer?

No, I did not transfer it . I saw Trezor does not support it. Is that correct?

@Dave please see the manual here: BEP-2 and BEP-20 tokens