Empty wallet issue again

Another hidden wallet issue with a twist!

Like others, all of a sudden, my hidden wallet is empty. No bitcoin found. Thats on 2 separate devices with 2 diff passphrases. Same passphrases for years, havent forgotten them but thats what everyone says. Here’s the twist. My Eth/EVM addresses are all WRITE-ACCESSIBLE. Yes thats right, i entered the SAME PASSPHRASES trezor suite says are empty and I AM TRANSACTING on my erc20 passphrase protected hidden wallets with THE SAME PASSPHRASES TREZOR SUITE TELLS ME ARE EMPTY.

Sorry for obnoxious caps but this should not be possible. If I’m entering the wrong phrase, my EVM transactions should not be possible as my wallet should not be accessible. But it is. So either the passphrase does not work on 3rd party wallets OR there is an issue with Trezor Suite and passphrases/hidden wallets.


my guess is Trezor backends don’t like your network (or VPN)

connection to the backend fails → no balance is loaded → Suite thinks there is no balance → reports empty wallet

Hmm, yeah okay that would make sense wouldnt it. I’ll try with VPN off and report back.

Yes that was indeed the problem. THANK GOD. (and you sir)

So why wouldnt it like my VPN all of a sudden? How can i access/transact through TSuite with a VPN?

The story usually goes:

  • VPN provider places the endpoints in Amazon AWS
  • hackers also like to place their evil nodes in AWS because that’s what literally everyone does because Amazon is eating the world
  • Cloudflare (Trezor’s DDoS protection) disallows all of AWS
  • your VPN doesn’t work anymore.

As to “all of sudden”, that’s hard to say. Maybe your provider changed something, maybe someone ran a bad attack through your VPN provider and now cloudflare dislikes it…

You could try enabling Tor in Suite, but of course that has its own suite of problems.