Dry Run on a Trezor Model One with Firmware 1.5.2 and latest Trezor Suite before updating firmware

I have an old Trezor Model One with firmware 1.5.2. I want to update the firmware, but first I want to do a Dry Run to test my seed backup, as outlined and recommended here:

I have installed the latest Trezor Suite and when I connect the Trezor Model One I see, “Device connected in incorrect state”. and a prompt to update the firmware. I can go to Settings > Device and see a similar “Device connected in incorrect state” message. I don’t see the options in the Settings > Device window to perform the dry run as outlined in the article above.

I see that there is a command line process for doing a Dry Run. As an alternative I could try using my seed code with another new hardware wallet. Are there any options using the Trezor Suite or older Trezor software to test my seed code?

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Hi @EMebane,

You can download the very first version of Trezor Suite (Release v20.10.1 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub) and try if you are able to open your wallet in it. However, it will most likely not work as the firmware in your device is very old.

The other solution is, as you mentioned, to test the seed in a different wallet.

This is why it is very important to test the recovery seed backup right after it is created and it is also recommended to test it in regular intervals so you can be sure it is correct when you need it (as in this situation).