Disappearing pop-up

Like many people (MANY PEOPLE) my Trezor is essentially useless and will not allow me to interact with any dapps thru metamask as the 1st pop up allowing you to connect your trezor and export the pubkeys disappears in about 2 secs. SOMEHOW THIS ISSUE IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND TREZOR HAS SAID AND DONE NOTHING ABOUT IT. None of the so-called fixes work.

I cant use your product and my money is stuck in this POS until i buy a different hardware wallet and import my wallet. So so so so bad. Fix this issue !!!

  1. the issue is not reproducible all the time, our QA has tested it over and over, it needs some specific setup and mostly occurs when using Dapps and other networks.

  2. if you have anything relevant to add, then please add it here:
    Metamask + Trezor pop up window automatically closes without signing · Issue #784 · trezor/connect · GitHub

  3. you can restore your wallet on any other wallet of your choice at any time using your seed words.


See this post. It can be multiple issues - memory leak, iFrame timeout, uninitialized variable, or other things. I’d advise your developers to look closely into the javascripts used in Trezor Connect.