Did I back out of this QNT GOLD airdrop scam in time?

Haven’t been on my Trezor Suite since my initial transfer from the exchange to my wallet, logged in today to check on things and seen some airdrops, that I now know are scams.

I ended up clicking the yellow circled link (QNT GOLD-pictured) and it led me to the second picture (the eth1.trezor.io link-pictured) BUT I then got suspicious and closed the page. Everyone’s telling me I backed out soon enough but I’m still a bit worried.
Think it’s all good?
I click the yellow circled link, then it led me to the eth1.trezor.io page and then I exited out of everything and came here to ask if I should act ASAP or if I backed out soon enough.

I’m assuming I would’ve had to click the contract link that I blacked out (not sure why, just incase) in the second picture to complete the scam, and I think thats true. But right now I’m basically just looking for final verification that I can stop worrying about needing to take ASAP action.

Click this below

And it led me here, I then CLOSED everything.

Thank you but if you read my post you’ll recognize my actual question, I’m aware of what they are. My question had different context.

Your question is answered in the topic:

These tokens are visible in your wallet but stored on the blockchain, so they cannot do any real harm.

If you did not perform any transaction with this token you are safe.