Delete empty accpounts

Continuing the discussion from Remove/Delete Account:

The unused accounts are still there. How do you purge these empty and unused account?

That’s not possible because addresses are made on the blockchain and since transactions can’t be deleted and their history can’t be deleted you can can’t delete any accounts. This permanence is a feature of the blockchain. Just hide those addresses in the Trezor Suite or something. You can name them or move them or something? (If I’m not mistaken).

Hi @anthonyfiorin,

If these accounts are unused, they will disappear after you reload Trezor Suite. If there is some transaction history in the accounts (used accounts) you can only disable them in the “Settings” under the “Coins” tab:

Please, keep in mind that after you disable a coin in the “Settings”, all accounts connected to the disabled coin will disappear (it is not possible to hide just one used account if you activated and used more of them).

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