Correct Balance on One PC, Wrong Balance on the Other

Hi There!

I have an issue which confuses me, I couldn’t quite find an answer for it yet.

Basically, I have Trezor Suite installed on two different PCs.

I have created a hidden walled using Trezor Suite on PC 1. All good. I can see my balance on the hidden wallet every time I enter my passphrase.

On PC 2, if I enter the passphrase, Trezor Suite will popup the “confirm empty wallet” window, after which I do not continue as I am not sure what will happen: I know the wallet is not empty. I am sure the passphrase is correct, as it works on PC 1.

According to my understanding inputting the correct passphrase should open the same hidden walled in any PC.

Any idea why on PC 2 the hidden wallet is reported as empty? How to solve this issue?


Oh, I should perhaps add that this is the first time I try to access my hidden wallet on PC 2.

Could be that there’s a bug and Suite says the wallet is empty only because it never saw it before. Or maybe there’s funds in some account the Suite doesn’t look into. Do you have the same coins enabled in settings on PC2 ?

In any case, try entering the passphrase and proceeding to the “empty” wallet. Perhaps your account will load and we will know more. Nothing worse can happen than the wallet loading as empty – it can’t affect the actual wallet if you can see it fine on PC1.


Aha! Turns out that was the issue. I enabled the coins and it did not popup the “confirm empty wallet” message again. Instead, it went straight to the correct balance. Thank you for your help, all good on both PCs now.

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I can confirm this bug as well. I almost had a heart attack.

Create passphrase wallet on laptop A (MacOS), then try to open it on laptop B (Linux) and oh boy… I tried so many times I prolly need to buy a new Trezor from all the clicking and confirming… finally I decided to try accept the “Empty” wallet… which was empty, then enable ETH on it (only BTC was enabled on Suite) and then my funds appeared.

near heart attack …

I have opened a ticket for this: Ticket ID: 120000

it is not a bug…you did not have the coins turned on…