"Connect device to access Device Settings" and Macbook M1

Just 3 weeks after securing my crypto on the Trezor Black (for the first time) I can’t connect the Trezor Back to my Macbook M1. I am using an USB Adapter (as of the different USB Ports), but 3 weeks ago that wasn’t a problem at all. Now it seems to be. Done everything, Desktop Version of Trezor, Web version, different cables (but the original Trezor cable is still working…as I see the led of “Trezor Black” on my ledger. Tried another computer (Mac), where I could switch in directly - also doesn’t work.

Fallback question - not my preferred one, but right now I simply want to access my crypto: I have bought a SECOND Trezor Black (seems that was a good idea). What can I do to access my Crypto using the SECOND Trezor Black? Is there a step-by-step guidance on what to do? Must be similar to questions like “I lost my cold ledger and bought a new one, how can I accesss my stored crypto?”

I opened a ticket. ID: 130650

Thank you for your help. (Am a bit shocked that this worked so badly…imagining I was stuck in a trade I wanted to get out asap. Wow.)