Cardano (ADA) - transaction signing error

Hi folks, ADA signing appears to be pretty random on the Trezor T. When attempting to execute a transaction in the Trezor Suite I get:

“Transaction signing error: Constructed transaction doesn’t match the hash returned by the device.”

I was successful “once” by unplugging the device and starting from scratch but it is pull your hair out frustrating.

Any thoughts?

ok, so sending to a “fresh” address seems to work. This current behaviour sends shivers down my spine.

Sending to the “fresh” address appears to allow older addresses to work. :man_shrugging:

I am having the same error. What exactly do you mean by sending to a “fresh” address? I have generated a new address, reconnected the Trezor, rebooted, and still have the problem.

Ok, an update to my situation.

I am using a Yoroi wallet with my Trezor. The errors noted above were when using a Hidden Wallet in the Trezor Suite. I was able to successfully move the ADA when I did the send from Yoroi. I did also have a newly generated address, though this did not matter when in the Trezor Suite.

Hi, there is an issue created for this, use Yoroi instead if you see the error:

I’m having this same issue trying to send ADA from Trezor Suite 22.11.1 (

“Transaction signing error: Constructed transaction doesn’t match the hash returned by the device.”

Some have said changing the To address sometimes helps but I can’t send no matter what.

Also, what has Trezor Suite done such that no other wallet software can find my Cardano balance? Neither Yoroi, Adalite, nor Ledger Live can find my balance. So it’s impossible for me to send ADA from those other wallets. Can Trezor Support help out here?

I’m assuming you are using a 24-word seed?

There is, well, a situation.

Given the same seed and passphrase, there are in total three ways to derive a Cardano wallet:

  • Official Way
  • Ledger Way
  • Trezor Bugged Way.

Trezor Bugged Way is the same as the Official Way, except when the seed is 24 words. Then it is different.

Trezor device and Suite support all three. So if you received ADA via Ledger, it will be accessible through Suite.

But, by default, Suite only creates the Official Way. So any ADA received there will not be accessible from a Ledger.

(The reason for this is that the Official Way is what you’d get if you imported your seed into a hot wallet.)

Yoroi and Adalite automatically get the Trezor Bugged Way because of backwards compatibility. They could relatively easily implement a switching mechanism, where you could select which way you want to use – if enough users bother them for it, I’d presume.


I’m also having this problem. It has sometimes helped to change the amount I am sending, but it is quite unnerving that I am unable to confidently send and receive this crypto using Trezor.

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