Can't use Trezor with Tor enabled

When i try to run Trezor Suite for Web through Tor Browser-I receive a message that Trezor Bridge is not running.All Recommendations regarding Tor I performed, Trezor Bridge Was Installed Correctly
Including even the following:

Instructions for enabling Trezor Bridge in Tor Browser
In Tor Browser 9 and newer, the required changes need to be done in the advanced settings.

Type about:config in the address bar
Search for the key network.proxy.no_proxies_on
Set the value to
Search for the key network.http.referer.hideOnionSource
Set the value to false

i did everything… but result the same- Trezor Bridge is not running

So what to do?)
And yes, i do know that Tor now “inside” the Trezor suite…But still wish to run Trezor Suite in Tor Browser)

I use my Trezor and Suite regularly and always use the Tor toggle. However the last couple of times I’ve used it, after receiving to a fresh address, I wait for like 10-15 minutes and all I see is “Backend is disconnected” and it’s trying to reconnect. Finally I decide to turn off Tor and my transaction immediately shows up, so I assume that it’s related to Tor. Just curious if anyone knows why this might happen or has experienced this before? Before when using Tor I never needed to wait very long.

Cool, thanks for your response.