Can't execute bulk-list transactions on Opensea

Attempting to bulk-list 3 or more NFTs (same issue with ERC-721s and ERC-1155s) on OpenSea from a Trezor wallet ( After signing on Trezor, I receive the following error message in wallet: “Transaction Rejected: Firmware Error”.

This is the only scenario where I receive this kind of error, and if I attempt the same listing approach using a non-Trezor (hot wallet) there are no errors.

Have tried through 3 different wallets (Metamask, Rabby, and another) all with the same error.

My Model T is running firmware version 2.6.4.

My guess is that because there are multiple messages being signed at once (since this error doesn’t occur if using the bulk-list feature for 1 or 2 NFTs), the Trezor hardware device can’t handle this volume of data. Ledger does not have this same issue.

Is there a fix for this?


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Can someone from the Trezor team provide support on this please? It has been ongoing for months without resolution.

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Is there a more reliable way to get support from Trezor?