Cannot find trezor Address account in metamask

I have the problem after removing metamask from my browser extension Tried to add trezor wallet again but I no longer able to find this address 0xBBE47C8BE8D036e699e870d45aeBA34146BE88b9 using trezor I alreay have my tokens in this address but cannot find it even I already tried to uninstall reinstall trezor even metamask I’m only using my computer no other device also using same metamask account Can anyone help please Thanks in advance

you are using wrong passphrase

I did not setup passphrase but still the address showing by trezor are different and i’m not able to find my address that I was able to use using trezor in metamask. Do we have any other way to locate or see this address 0xBBE47C8BE8D036e699e870d45aeBA34146BE88b9 ? Hoping to find this it already have all my tokens

@rencanon then leave the passphrase empty when connecting to MM and there is a passphrase window

search for the address on to see if it is in your wallet

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I tried to search my address but no luck I can’t find it anymore this means that their is no way to get back or see my tokens on this address anymore? 0xBBE47C8BE8D036e699e870d45aeBA34146BE88b9 Still hoping for way to retrieve my tokens from this address.

if you did not setup passphrase it is impossible, addresses do not change…leave the fields empty to access standard wallet…otherwise you have setup passphrase accidentally

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I tried both with passphrase and without still cannot find this address 0xBBE47C8BE8D036e699e870d45aeBA34146BE88b9

Same thing happened to me. I cannot find my old trezor address wallet in metamask. Pls. Help!!!