Cannot Connect Trezor/ I'm Terrified, I need To See My BTC

Guys why in the name of lord is my Trezor not connecting with the USB.

I am sick to my guts and I need to see my BTC.

Please can someone tell me what USB you need to transfer data and yes I have gone through all the protocol, USB change etc.

My Trezor is even lighting up but the Suite won’t connect due to Trezor providing planned obsolescence USB cords.

any USB cable that transfers data

As long as you have your recovery seed your coins are safe, no need for panic.

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Don’t worry - your coins are safe. The coins are NOT on the Trezor, they are on the blockchain and the key to unlock them is your seed words. So as long as you have your seed words, your coins are OK - stop panicking! If your Trezor ever breaks you can use any other wallet in the world to get your coins back safely with your seed words. So literally no need to worry.

As for why the Trezor isn’t connecting, just uninstall the Suite fully including the hidden data by going into your Windows search box and typing %APPDATA% - look for the Trezor folder in there and delete it fully (after uninstalling the Suite the normal way you do for any other PC software).

Then reinstall a fresh download of Suite from Trezor’s official site only.

Hopefully that will fix it. And use the lead the Trezor came with (if it came with one).

These things happen - the software can be buggy and PC’s in general can be buggy. This stuff happens all the time. I had a cable stop working on me a few weeks ago - no big deal, a new one worked. But yeah a software uninstall and reinstall (and clean out the hidden data in %APPDATA% too) may work.

But your coins are safe AS LONG AS you have those seed words and nobody has seen them.