Can not update firmware on Trezor One in Trezor Suite

I have a Trezor One that I have not used in a long while.
Now I want to check that everything is OK and connected it to the Trezor Suite.
The Trezor suite tells me it is to to old and that I must update the firmware.
I follow the instructions and disconnect and reconnect pressing both buttons (1.3.0 shows on the trezor loader display) but nothing else happens. I tried this many times but the Trezor Suit is not continuing.

I prefere not to do a factory reset at this time. How can I update the firmware?


Additional info:

The Suite says I need to update the firmware from1.5.6 but when I press the two buttons at startup and get the load display the suite does not see the Trezor and does not continue.

When I Put the Trezor in bootloader mode and restart the suite it says bridge does not work.

My compouter works with another Trezor. I even used the same USB cable that works with that trezor but no difference.

When I start with trezor old web wallet It can find and pair with it but I can not get the wallet to recognize the trezor in bootloader mode so I can do nothing with the Trezor. Not even get in the suite or wallet to be able to facotry reset/wipe it to be able to use it in the future.

How can I reset the Trezor so I can do a recovery with my mnemonics to be able to use it?

Or is it Broken? The display, button works and I can get into the bootloader menu (loader 1.3.0) but not get the apps to recognize it to do anything with it.


Hi @meganeutral,

Please, find information on how to perform the factory reset at
(do not be confused, a factory reset is also necessary if you forget your PIN)

After the factory reset you need to perform the recovery process with your recovery seed backup to regain access to your original wallet. Information on how to do it can be found at

Bootloader 1.3.0 is very old so current software might have trouble with it.

With that said, on this version the same drivers should be used for normal and bootloader connection, and it seems that your computer sees the Trezor when it is connected normally.

Please go to Device manager (or equivalent for your OS) and verify that the device is visible in the list of USB devices when connected in bootloader mode. Also verify that Trezor Bridge sees it: check the page
(If you didn’t install Bridge separately, then Trezor Suite must be running while you are looking at the above page.)

If the device is seen by the Bridge, you might want to try and see if that helps you upgrade the firmware.

If the device is seen by Device manager but not by Bridge, you might need to install trezorctl and use it to upgrade.