Can I import an ETH 2.0 Withdrawal address into Trezor?

Hi, could you please tell me if it’s possible to import an ETH 2.0 withdrawal address (24 word seed) into my Trezor device / Trezor Suite?

Hi @marcus.zxc,

Please explain more what you’re thinking to do, it’s a bit unclear to me what you mean.

If you’re asking about replacing your Trezor device’s Recovery seed with another wallet’s seed, from an online exchange or something, then NO don’t do that. You’d mirror the other wallet and wipe any assets you now have in Trezor. Besides, your Trezor would be useless because your “new” seed is exposed and at risk.

I’m also solving how to add ETH tokens to Trezor!

send them to your ETH address, please search the forum. Thank you.