Bought RACA coins w/ ETH into Trezor - can not be seen or tradet now

Hello Guys,
I am really new to all the Krypto and started to store my ETH into my Trezor. Now I bought some Radio CACA Coins via an exchange platform. So I got some keys of the transaction, sure…
But what can I do with that? I can not see any coin or anything else from the transaction - so I just have to keep in mind how many coins I bought, is that the way???

What can I do if I want to discard the position and sell all my coins, which I clearly can not see. How and where can I get them out of my hardware wallet and transfer them into money/other currency?

Sorry for the very beginner questions, but I really do not get any good answers from googling and searching the web. Hope you can help me

Hi BtcLtc,

Unfortunately I just see a Sent ETH amount, not a received amount of anything…

Do you have an idea?

please add RACA to your eth wallet as it says

Hi I already added RACA Token, but there are 0 Coins shown - tradet the Coins vs ETH at

I exchanged ETH vs RACA there and gave my ETH adress… what else to do? :smiley:

Really frustrated here, as I am trying already 2 days to see my coins and trade them… :confused:

Hope you can help

Check the block to see if your eth address has a RACA transfer

Hi, I just quote what is written:

Quote: “This address has transacted 2 times on the Ethereum blockchain. It has received a total of x ETH ($xxx) and has sent a total of y ETH ($yyy).”

I can not see anything on my trezor of any ETH input or RACA input… so weird, can you help me a bit longer and sorry that you have to bear with me. Is it just not possible to see what happened? I bought (or rather exchanged) RACA with the trezor wallet from my ETH account. I am just confused or dumb I guess… Sorry

is your suite ETH wallet address this ?

No that is the adress of where I sent my ETH(x) to, than this adress sent me ETH(y) back.

On my entry it is just that I sent ETH(x) to the adress (y). You have an idea? along with a hash, the amount and the gas fee. But that adress (y) sent me ETH (y) back is no where to be seen on adress (x) - so the only thing is, it is not written or shown or anything in my suite ETH wallet address?