Bitcoin accounts in Trezor (Legacy, Legacy Segwit, Native Segwit) how to use them

On my Trezor Suite I show two accounts (both holding BTC) – One is a Bitcoin #1 Account (on the Trezor Suite) and a second “SEGWIG” Acct which seems to be separated out when I look at my Trezor Suite-- I am new at this so I don’t know the difference between the two accts and how I was able to put purchased BTC into two seemingly different accts. Anyway, I would like to combine these two accounts into my Trezor Suite Bitcoin #1 account so that all my bitcoin is all in one place so I can accurately keep track of how much I have in total. Please tell me how to do so. Thank you in advance for your help.

Trezor, as a hardware device, supports all types of BTC accounts. The only difference is what app/wallet is used with Trezor.

Trezor Suite supports all three types of addresses (BTC accounts):
Legacy beginning with 1, Segwit beginning with 3, Native Segwit beginning with bc1

Trezor Wallet, on the other hand, supports only:
Legacy beginning with 1 and Segwit beginning with 3

Therefore, Trezor Suite is recommended.

  1. Navigate to Accounts tab from the upper menu
  2. Click on the plus [+] symbol on the left pane
  3. Choose Bitcoin from the list, select Account type, and confirm the selection by clicking on ‘Add account’
  4. See your BTC accounts listed on the left pane

If you have previously used more BTC accounts, simply repeat the process. The accounts will be always generated in the same order.

If you want to see your balance in both interfaces (Trezor Wallet and Trezor Suite), you are going to need to use either “3” Segwit addresses or “1” Legacy addresses.

Feel free to learn more about different BTC accounts from our blog post

In case you want to keep it simple, use one interface, and one account. Learn more about wallets, accounts and addresses

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I did exactly what you specified above. However, all I accomplished was setting up an additional account named “Bitcoin #2” with a zero bitcoin balance. My goal, as I wrote above, was (in the Trezor Suite or Wallet, whichever makes the most sense) to combine the amount of bitcoins in my Bitcoin #1 account (on the left hand plane) with the “Bitcoin #1” account that is on the left hand plane as well BUT is under the listing “SEGWIT”. So, as a fictitious example to get my point across, say I currently have 1 bitcoin in my Bitcoin #1 account (and it correctly shows that I do indeed have 1 bitcoin). And I have 2 bitcoins in my Bitcoin #1 account but this second Bitcoin #1 account shows that I do indeed have 2 bitcoins but this particular Bitcoin #1 account is listed separately on the left plane but it is under the heading of “SEGWIT”. I do not want to have these two separate accounts with the number of bitcoins being different. I want the 1 bitcoin held in the Bitcoin #1 account and the 2 bitcoins in Bitcoin #1 account (UNDER “SEGWIT”) to be combined into 1 account that has a total of 3 bitcoins in my fictitious example. After following your instructions above, I only succeeded in creating a Bitcoin #2 account (with zero bitcoins in it), and not combining the two accounts I already have (which I wanted to do in the first place). Does that make sense? Can you help me? Thank you again for helping me.

There is no way to “combine” accounts other than sending funds from one account to the other.

Simply pick a receiving address from the account you want to keep, select the other account, and send all funds to the receiving address.

I have the same question about “Trezor Suite”. I’ve only sent Segwit (address starting with 3) to my “Trezor Wallet” and in “Trezor Suite” I show two accounts “BTC”, and “Segwit”. The Segwit Account shows a balance and the BTC acct shows zero balance. Why do they have to be different. Isn’t it all BTC? Trezor wallet seems more straight forward…


SatoshiLabs don’t invent these Bitcoin addresses, only support them. Why there are three different ones I’m not sure, but the most recent and modern is Native SegWit. Trezor wallet (website) doesn’t support the newest Bitcoin addresses, Native SegWit (beginning with “bc1”), and so it seems simpler I suppose.

All are BTC, yes, and Trezor Suite support them all so you can transfer them there without fear of losing them, whatever BTC address type you use. How to “combine” them from one address type to another I’m not sure. However, this page says you can transfer them between each other:

The different types of Bitcoin address are mostly cross-compatible, meaning you can send from any one type to another.

Thanks for the reply! Funny thing is. The address I used was “created” by my Trezor wallet. When you select “receive” inside the Trezor, it created the address starting with a “3” meaning it created a “Native Segwit Bech 32” address. So I used that at an exchange to move my SATS. Are people using Trezor’s that create different types of addresses?

Correction my Trezor created a Segwit P2SH address, not a Native Segwit…sorry community…

Yeah, Native SegWit (Bech32) addresses begin with “bc1” and are the latest in the line of BTC addresses. It’s preferrably used because it supposedly has lower gas costs and are faster too. But not all exchanges support this newest address and then you have to use one of the older types there. Therefore people generate older address formats for Receive address sometimes.

BTW, you can edit your post by pressing the pencil icon below the post, if you write something wrong. :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks, and for the edit tip!

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Its been a few months since I have plugged in my trezor wallet and added some coinage, and I notice on the left side of my screen that I have under My Accounts, a slice of btc under ‘Legacy Segwit Accounts’.

I dont remember what this is, nor do I know how to access it. When I click on it, it says "Account does not exist’’ - yet I see a balance in it.

Can someone refresh my memory on what this is and how I can possibly access it?

Thanks a bunch!

Legacy segwit is a hybrid version of Segwit. It was created to make the script readable as both a ‘pay to script hash’ (P2SH) as well as a ‘pay to witness key hash’ (P2WPKH), now known as a Legacy SegWit (P2SH-P2WPKH) address encoded in base 58.

Addresses of this account type start with the number 3

You can add this type of account (as well as all three other types of BTC accounts) by navigating to the plus symbol on the account panel in Trezor Suite, then selecting the desired account type in the pop-up window (see pictures below):


Learn more about different types of BTC accounts and addresses in following article:

@MichalZ thanks for your notes.

If I want to transfer my BTC off an exchange, can I send it to this BTC address in my Trezor? It is a Legacy SegWit P2SH XPUB. I don’t want to send it to a blackhole address that I can never get it back from. Help!

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 1.24.14 PM

Based on the article you linked above, it seems that even if I sent it to the wrong type of address, I can create any of the four types of BTC accounts linked to that same BTC address using my seed phrase? And then I can access/send/receive any potential lost BTC?

How do I make sure that my wallet can receive BTC from the exchange? It’s a legacy segwit. Or, should I be using a new format and not the legacy segwit?

there is no wrong type of address, they are all compatible. You can receive BTC to any type of address. Some exchanges/wallets do not support sending to newer types like taproot, but you have to check with the exchange.

Legacy segwit is supported by basically everyone so there won’t be a problem.