Binance ETH Withdrawal

Dobrý den, mám dotaz k 1 výběru ETH z Binance na Trezor One. Výběr byl zadán, přišlo potvrzení do mailu “výběr úspěšný” v kterém byl i txid, ale do peneženky ETH na Trezoru nepřišlo. Ted zpětně po cca 48 hodinách zjištuji, kde je problem… …když zadám do blockchainu ETH txid, tak danou transakci nelze nalézt. Pro transfer jsem použil Binance smart chain.
Pomůže mi prosím pomoci když Vám ukážu detail transakce?
děkuji moc.

Hello, I have a question about 1 selection of ETH from Binance on Vault One. The selection was entered, a confirmation came to the e-mail “selection successful” in which there was also txid, but it did not come to the ETH wallet on the Vault. Now, after about 48 hours, I find out where the problem is … … when I enter ETH txid in the blockchain, the transaction cannot be deleted. I used Binance smart chain for transmission.
Will it help me if we show you the details of the transaction?
thank you very much

Hi @Pavel_Rada

Most probably you didn’t withdraw Ethereum but Binance-Peg Token which is a completely different cryptocurrency.

Anyway, could you please send us your TX ID so we could have a look at it?

txid is 0x93d5c3ac69ba3dde108c2ef6cecdba0c855efa5319b9029633c38c26d123a1d9

Apparently, you didn’t send Ethereum but Binance-Peg Ethereum Token, see in detail Therefore you cannot see these tokens on your Ethereum account.

Ethereum is running on Ethereum network. This network can be used for ERC20 tokens and you can access them for example by using Trezor Suite, available from For exploring these transactions, Ethereum block explorer is used.

BNB, on the other hand, is running on Binance Smart Chain. The network can be used for BEP20 tokens such as Binance-Peg Ethereum Token. For exploring transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, Binance Smart Chain block explorer is used.

To sum it up, Binance Smart Chain is different from Ethereum network. Although address format looks the same (addresses begin with ‘0x’), both networks are completely different.

Although, Binance Smart Chain is not officially supported by the Trezor device, it is still possible to use it with. Pair your Trezor device with the MetaMask application, as instructed Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki, and proceed with the following custom settings:

  • to import Trezor’s public keys, connect the Trezor device, go to MetaMask, and pair it with Trezor
  • instead of Main Ethereum Network, select Custom RPC
  • as Network name type in Binance Smart Chain
  • as New RPC URL type in
  • as ChainID (optional) type in 56
  • as Symbol (optional) type in BNB
  • as Block Explorer URL (optional) type in

For more information, please see another manual: Get Started on Binance Smart Chain in 60 Seconds | Binance Blog

Once you successfully set up the Binance Smart Chain, we will continue with adding a custom token to access your Binance-Peg Ethereum Token.

thx, tasks performed.

please communicate further action

Then, select the option ‘Add Token’. Choose a name of your preference (e.g. ETH-PEG), enter the contract address, and decimals. Feel free to copy all information needed, available from this source

Once you successfully add your custom token, you will get it listed in your MetaMask account. Then, if you want to keep your token where it is, that’s fine. However, you can send it wherever you want to. But, you would need to send some BNB to this account first, and use it as gas. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send your token anywhere. Just send some BNB the same way, to the same address, as you previously sent your token from Binance.

Thank you for your help. In the metamask I found all the incorrectly sent ETH. I sent a BNB to Metamask. Subsequently, I sent ETH to the Vault. Please, it’s already sent properly now - so that everything goes to the Vault? (Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan) … 25 min and it hasn’t happened yet.

Hi, I’m sorry to ask again, but the previous transaction still didn’t come to TREZOR. Did I do something wrong again? … Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Where can I find you ETH, please? Can you please guide me again? I don’t have ETH on Metamask anymore, and it’s not on TREZOR either.

Unfortunately, you didn’t send Ethereum to your wallet but Binance-Peg Ethereum Token again.

Binance’s users might easily get confused when choosing the (appropriate) network, being unaware of what they get when a different network is chosen.

It’s important to understand that different cryptocurrencies are running on different blockchains/networks.

Therefore, when sending ETH from Binance, Ethereum blockchain must be chosen, the same applies to ERC20 tokens running on ETH blockchain as well. (Otherwise you get a different cryptocurrency as you have learnt already.)

image (1)

Thanks for explaining. Please now for more information on how to get ETH taxes under control (ie the possibility to see and transfer them) … and I understand that when I send them, it is necessary to transfer them first with the help of Binance smart Chain to Binance. Then help ERC 20 to your TREZOR wallet.

Thank you, I would be lost without your help. I am glad that I have a TREZOR wallet where there is such support.

As for ETH, feel free to learn more from our Wiki

Basically, once you connect Trezor to any of compatible app (such as Trezor Beta Wallet, Trezor Suite, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto etc.), you need to create/add ETH account first. When you have your ETH account, use its receiving address to receive ETH and ERC20 tokens. One ETH account can receive ETH and multiple ERC20 tokens, meaning you don’t need to generate for each token a new ETH account/address.

When sending ETH or ERC20 to your ETH account (address), don’t forget to choose ETH network for this transaction.

I faced the same problem transfering from binance. still not solvced. waiting for more then 10 days for a reply from customer service…

Ticket ID: 79533

Hi @zoe

If your transaction ID is searchable on then see the explanation above and follow the instructions to access your funds. In the opposite case, please let us know and we will reach out by replying to Ticket ID: 79533.