Transaction not deposited

Good afternoon, I have made a transfer from Binance to my trezor several theta tokens and they do not reach me despite the fact that it appears as confirmed on the blockchain, I have written to binance and their technical support tells me that they cannot do it when it is already confirmed nothing I write to you

Hi @floresantonio,

Please see this forum thread: Lost theta in binance transfer ▫ - #4 by pavel

Hi Petosiris, I’ve seen you reply to many of these topics so I wanted to know if you could help me. I sent my BNB from my Trezor ETH wallet to a BSC address on FTX and FTX never received the BNB. Is there any way for my to retrieve my BNB or does FTX have to do it on their end? From what I read it seems I blundered and sent an ERC-20 token to the wrong blockchain (BSC) without using a bridge. (sorry for asking in this thread floresantonio)


I’m not familiar with FTX, but maybe it support connecting to Trezor? I don’t know. However, this is what you should try:

  1. Set up an account in a third party exchange which support connecting your Trezor, like Metamask.
  2. Add a new Trezor connected wallet in Metamask.
  3. Now you should see your BNB from your Trezor in your new wallet on Metamask.
  4. Transfer the BNB out of Trezor to another wallet (for instance on Binance).
  5. Transfer it back to Trezor, but this time be sure to use the Ethereum network for transfer.

About #1 to 4, see from this post. Be sure to substitute the Tx address in that thread with your own transaction address (but don’t show it to the public, please).

About #5, see this post first, about how to add an ERC20 token to Trezor Suite. After that, you can perform #5 above. See here for how to send ERC20 tokens to your Trezor.

So the whole processs is about - find and see your BNB, transfer them out to a wallet that support BNBs, then transfer them back to Trezor correctly.