Backing up Trezor password manager

I want to backup my password in the password manager which is deprecated.
But i’m unable to find how to install the web extension

The extension is not available in the chrome webstore.
I can only find the github repository of ther extension
but I have no idea how to go from there

Please, don’t do anything of the sort. The only thing you need to backup is the seed phrase also called recovery seed. You need to back up your seed phrase in a safe space and offline.

My advise is to buy a metal backup where you can punch in the seed phrase, the Trezor metal keep thingy or Zeus metal backup (both sold by Trezor webshop).

You don’t understand. Trezor had made a password manager in the past.
You had to unlock it with your Trezor.
They deprecated the password manager but it should still be possible to install the chrome extension connect to it, and export the .csv

I couldn’t do it with the github, but fortunately i found my old extension deep in my file in the windows.old folder of a previous windows instalation. I then used it to install it as a “non packed extension” into chrome and finally exported everything.

You could email official support? Maybe that’s faster than waiting here for an answer.