Are we able to transfer wsHEC to a Trezor?

I am having a couple of issues. First I do not see HEC as an approved token although it is an ERC20
The Trezor will not accept the token address. To won’t take FTM either and I see that is now approved.
Tried to transfer FTM in Metamask to an address created in Metamask, but it fails every time. it converts the Gas to FTM and then shows “0” being transfered. Maybe I am missing it, but there is very little info out there on how to actually transfer ERC20 tokens. Do I need to add the token address in the Trezor Suite? When I try to transfer it fails. Need some guidance if possible.

HEC and FTM both have their own mainet, use to look for the network and connect it to your metamask, always check what kind of token you have (erc20 or mainet)

Thanks for the feedback. It appears that if you use Metamask the accounts are linked to the Trezor and show that they are hardware wallets, but they do not show on the Trezor Suite. After rebooting I was able to get the Metamask to pair with the Trezor and could transfer the funds. It still would not swap with Trader Joe, but I spent a little gas, moved it to my hot Metamask, did the swap, purchase and wrap then moved it back to the wallet I wanted it in. Being on Avalance the gas is minimal. This should really be explained better by Trezor so everyone does not need to spend hours in frustration trying to figure this out.