Any hope when Trezor messes up your passphrase?

I don’t have much hope on this, but of course Trezor has no real tech support so I’d thought I’d ask. I stupidly thought that a hidden wallet would be a great feature and now find that Trezor messed something up with the passphrase. I have my set of passwords/passphrases I use, and have tried all very carefully, but to no avail. Thankfully I only had a relatively small amount in there, but would still be interested if anyone has found a way to get into the hidden wallet attached to my recovery phrase.

One thing I was thinking is that with the 24 or 12 word phrases, only the first four letter of each word matters. Is that the same for the passphrase?

Anyway, I learned my lesson and won’t be using Trezor anymore. What a broken system.


Trezor is fully open source and you can review the code also for the passphrase.

No, it is not the same, passphrase can be anything up to 50 characters and it must be entered exactly same to open the same wallet (including spaces, lower upper case characters etc.)

I suggest reading through this post where user was 100% sure his passphrase was correct only to find out it wasn’t.


In my case it is showing in my mobile App and receiving as well. But from laptop app I can not see my coins. Thats a very messed up security Trezor have implemented.

Then you should really stop receiving to the wallet you do not have access to. Until you figure out the correct passphrase.

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Thanks, Yes dear I am not going to receive any on Trezor anymore. BUT I will keep trying to find out my pass phrase, Can not give up just because of a stupid and messing EXTRA security.