[ANNOUNCEMENT] Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Keep Metal are here!

We are excited to announce two brand-new products in our Trezor family!

Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Keep Metal.

You can learn more about Trezor Safe 3 including its security here:

Secure element in Trezor Safe 3 and authehtication:

Trezor Keep Metal and how to use it:


Congratulations to the whole team @forgi @zapla @matejcik @radekP @kolin and others we got a secure element


I have been a longtime fan of the Trezor wallets.
I was surprised to discover that the new version of the wallet will not support the oldest cryptocurrency Dash. Many people, including myself, were waiting for the new Trezor wallet just to support this coin! And such sad news. Fast, anonymous, supported by many exchanges and stores, and it not included in Trezor Safe 3.
How so? Can you give an explanation for this?


Congratulations to the team for another awesome product!

Since buying second hand Trezor hardware wallet is a no go (since one could install custom malicious firmware) have you considered receiving customers second hand devices back so that you can make it a certified product again and resell it in exchange of a discount code so that a new product can be bought on your site?
If I knew of the imminent release of the new Trezor Safe 3 I would have just waited and bought this instead of the Trezor Model One (bought not even 8 months ago), not because the Trezor One is a bad product (the opposite), but because theSafe 3 is just better.
Unfortunately selling a second hand hardware walled is a bad practice in my opinion (if you can still find someone crazy enough to buy it)
Thank you

Where Dash? I use Dash. I like Dash. Many people hold Dash…


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My opinion…

Game Changer

Still I would prefer to have seen a more innovative device, with a QR reader or PSBTs so you wouldn’t have to connect directly to a machine. Bigger screen. Make use of the of sd card slot like it was initially thought.

I Found the Safe-3 a very reasonable contestant to the ledger’s. Remember all the code is open source just the secure element is not. Wich I really appreciate and keep coming here to this forum and contribute the best I can.

I think the inclusion of an SE is a major security bump, like 10x safer (10x might be too much)

What I really found awesome was the Trezor Keep Metal for backing up your recovery seed words.
Wow it looks really nice, and I have heard it is as strong as other competitors like cryptosteel.
Yup this one really caught my attention.

The lack of support for more coins I don’t mind

Ps: I will be waiting for a next model, maybe for more “advanced” users. Like I said bigger screen, qr reader, PSBTs.
A screen big enough to read your full address or a private key…

Just my humble opinion

As always keep it up Trezor Team


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a thing I would like to see is a slightly more detailed explanation of how the secure element is used, similar to the post bitbox has, which really shows that neither of the 2 components (main processor and SE) get to trust each other and even if either of the 2 gets compromised, the other one will still be intact.

like in the bitbox neither is the pin directly supplied to the secure element, nor is the secure element’s output used directly in the further operations of unlocking the wallet.

Maybe this helps @My1

seen that already, it is very barebones it just says that it “protects the PIN” without learning it and releases some secret.

I thought some slightly more detailed explanation similar to what bitbox has, I cant post links but just google bitbox best of both worlds and you’ll find their explanation posts which goes into more yet not too many details of how stuff interacts

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I want the secure element in the Model T. Is that going to happen any time soon?