All transactions send with very low maximum fee and not enough gas in Trezor One

I used my Trezor One to connect DEX in Binance Smart Chain. Everythings goes OK but suddenly the transactions send only with 0.000000005 BNB.

When I need make transactions and approve smart contracts always appears a message in Trezor screen that the maximum fee is 0.000000005 BNB and this message don’t show before. I tried to move funds between my own wallets and this message is saw too.
If I accept this message the maximum fee results only 0.000000005 BNB and it’s not enough to confirm transaction. If not confirm this message the transaction is cancelled.

Now I have very much assets block in my wallet and I have liquidity pools blocked too in many DEX of Binance Smart Chain.

Whats the problem? How can I solve it?

I think that is a problem with Trezor Suite (or Linux Trezor Suite) because the same device works fine in a Windows computer working with Trezor Bridge. I don’t know if works with Trezor suite interface in Windows.
I work in Linux (Ubuntu) with Trezor Suite since yesterday but I don’t know what happened to begin this malfunction.
The problem is not in Trezor One device or his firmware. It seems a interface software problem or configuration.
Any help to works correctly in Linux with Trezor Suite?

After my own investigation, the problem is in Metamask 10.8.1 in Google Chrome under Linux OS (Ubuntu). My Trezor One works fine with Binance Smart Chain with Metamask 10.8.0 under Ubuntu but don’t works in Metamask 10.8.1 (problem with maximum fee very low). I supposed that my Metamask was autoupdated (10.8.0 → 10.8.1) and then starts the malfunction. I downgrade my Metamask extension to 10.8.0 and works.

I don’t know why but in Google Chrome under Windows with Metamask 10.8.1, the same device with the same account works fine