After Trezor suite update, the BTC wallet is loading forever

I started today (after approximately two months) the Trezor Suit again, put my Trezor One into USB, display started to shine showing the lock picture. Then I was asked if I would like to install a new version of Trezor Suit, which I confirmed. It was downloaded, restarted and after restart, suit loaded all the wallets, except BTC, which is loading and loading… and never loaded actually. Any idea, what to do?
Thank You for any suggestions!
PS: Previously, when I was using Trezor suite last time, I had no problem such this…

Small update: The web-based version of the Trezor Suite has no issue - it loads all the accounts as expected.

Hello @DanCZer,

If your account information is not loading, this is usually caused by connection issues on the backend. Your funds are not at risk.

  1. Please try to click green “Retry” button several times and if this would not help, reset Trezor Suite application from Settings → Application → App storage → Reset app

  1. If you use VPN or proxy server, please try to disable it and check your accounts again after restarting Trezor Suite.

  2. Disable or enable the TOR feature in the bottom left corner in Trezor Suite:

If the web version works fine, it means that something in your computer is blocking our app from communicating with our servers.