Add step by step USDT Trezor Model T

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I just bought a Trezor Model T. I can’t add usdt trc 20

When I connect go to dashboard . Go into etherium 1
To get address … a pop up. Window
It said. I need to activate the etc 20 revive.
This is were I’m stuck

I am doing the steps that you are telling me . But a pop up window with. ERC 20. Doesn’t let me continue

Since Trezor does not support tron network, you won’t be able to use USDT TRC-20 with a trezor.

check the coin support list.

Hello @Valentina68,

ERC20 tokens are activated automatically, you don’t need to activate them manually.
When you send the USDT to your Ethereum receiving address, the token will appear automatically in the “Tokens” tab.

Unfortunately, the TRON network is not supported by Trezor devices.

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