Account Discovery Error issue - Trezor Suite


When I connect my Trezor and open Trezor Suite (using a MacBook Pro OS 11.6), my balances of BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH all load as usual. However I get the following error message:
Discovery error
Accounts were not loaded properly
XRP: All backends are down

I am more than mildly concerned about my XRP balance. How can I rectify this?

Hi, do you use Tor browser ?


No I don’t, I use google chrome. Does the browser I use impact how Trezor Suite works?


Hey Michal,

Thanks for stepping in. I read another thread with a similar message relating to BTC. It was too technical for me to follow everything, but I waited a couple of hours, rebooted my laptop and now I can see my XRP balance (which is a relief!)

So all good, thanks!

Hi Pete,
Thanks for an update, I am glad your issue has been resolved! :raised_hands:
Just to answer your previous question: There were some connectivity issue regarding TOR browser in the past, that’s why I asked.
But in general you should use only supported browser (Chrome or Fierfox) and if the problem occurs again, just clear the browser’s cache and disable any ad and script blockers.

Note: the most important is what’s on the blockchain (on the addresses that you have private keys from) so feel free to try also any other suitable 3rd party app.

He Michal,

I’m not using any browser (at least not intentionally). I open the “Trezor Suite” application on my MBP and connect my Trezor. Would that count as a suitable 3rd party app?


Yes it definitely does.
Plus there is several others.

If your account information is not loading, this is usually caused by connection issues on the backend. Your funds are not at risk.

You can check the status of blockbook servers at

  1. Please try to click green “Retry” button several times and if this would not help, reset Trezor Suite application from Settings → Application → App storage → Reset app

  1. If you use VPN or proxy server, please try to disable it and check your accounts again after restarting Trezor Suite.

  2. Disable or enable Tor feature in the top right corner in Trezor Suite: