Accessing Original Eth Address

Hello Michal,

Thank you for replying to my message…and sorry for the late reply.

I repeat …when I plug in my Trezor to check my balance and use exactly the same passphrase I’ve got a completely different ETH address and the balances in 0
The passphrase is correct because…after I enter it on the Trezor suit…the passphrase is then displayed on the hardware wallet . I am asked to confirm it is the correct passphrase by pressing a green tick icon ( If I enter it incorrectly I will get an error message). After I confirm my passphrase and that go back to the Trezor suit I now have a different Eth address but more worryingly a balance of 0?
Using etherscan, I can see that the address still has the original amount of tokens I sent, I just can’t access them.

Thank you in advance for replying to this message.

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