Access Monero Wallet without updating Firmware after Network upgrade

I’ve just noticed that there was a monero network upgrade and to access my funds i need to update the firmware of my trezor model T. I’m currently on Firmware 2.4.3 and i don’t have access to my seed.
Can i upgrade the Firmware without entering the seed?

If not is there any way to make a transaction without updating the firmware?

Thank you very much for upcoming replies.

Yes. The firmware update itself will not ask for your seed. (if it does, you’re actually on a phishing page.)

There is a small risk that something goes wrong, e.g., your PC freezes, or your USB cable gives out. In that case the Trezor would be wiped and you would have to find your seed to restore it.

Not 100% certain but I believe that the network upgrade requires a new way of signing transactions, so you do actually need to update your firmware to continue transacting.

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@matejcik Okay thank you very much. Are you certain that for this firmware update i don’t need a seed? I’ve had in the past the same problem with trezor model one on a old version and after the firmware update the device was wiped and i was required to enter the seed.

There is a firmware version 1.6.1 for Trezor One that had a bug, preventing any upgrade from it.

That was an one time thing. Every other firmware version can be upgraded without wiping the seed (unless something goes wrong, as pointed out).

Thank you very much for your fast response.
I’m very astonished that i got that fast a useful reply here.

Updated smooth without problems :ok_hand:

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