2 hardware wallets in different locations, sharing 1 seedphrase

Is it possible to have 2 Trezor wallets (with the same seedphrase) handled by 2 persons-- 1 in Manila and the other in Singapore? I want to have my Trazor wallet backed up, and that backup would be handled by my trusted friend in Singapore.

Will a backed up Trezor work even if it’s being handled separately on different locations? Also was wondering how security verifications work in cases like this.

If sharing access is indeed allowed, can I assign my friend to manage my account and approve on my behalf?

yes ,you can do that
i do the same thing

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If I may ask. Any challenges encountered with this kind of setup?

no ,you just set one device ,and use it’s seedphrase to recover another device .
so they have the same seed . you can set the same pin or not for the two device.
the two device have the same wallet . can log on at the same time .