Zero USDT transfer phishing/scam

Hello, everyone. I always send money from Trezor to similar eth address “T”. After I received a transfer from Binance, in my wallet appeared strange transaction with 0 value of USDT and with gas fee 20$(I did not do it). It was sent to address that looks like address “T” (similar first 5 and last 4 symbols), but different symbols inside. I tried to check that transaction in etherscan and sent method was strange - “0xf98d63ec”.
What should I do? Ignore it or change trezor wallet?

what is happening here is a new kind of scam, where scammers send 0 transactions from their fake generated address that has first 4 and last 4 characters same.

Then they rely on people only checking these characters and copying their fake address instead of a legit one from their history.

Described in more detail in here:

Basically, you always have to be sure you are sending to the address you want, always verify in full and copy only from the legit source.

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This has happened to me as well. Can someone please explain who pays the gas fees? Is it me or the scammer?

it is scammer who cover the fees as you have not executed/sign anything.

Thank you for your answer :+1:

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