Your website is compromised, you need to secure your website, user data is leaking

I use the email that I bought a trezor with on other websites, but after reading the forum my suspicions were confirmed.

I’ve never gotten any phishing emails specifically for trezor before, then after I purchase it, suddenly I’m getting phishing emails. I purchased it from your website. This is absolutely ridiculous. How do I know that this doesn’t go further up the chain? How am I expected to trust that it’s just your database of emails that was compromised? You need to be transparent and WARN PEOPLE about this. I think we all need to report you for failing to comply with GDPR laws.

If you notice the banner on top of this forum, we are aware of a recent phishing campaign and we are actively looking into the issue.

Your coins are safe as long as you follow security practices regarding your seed.

We would appreciate if you open a ticket and send us the URL from the email so we can report and further look into it.

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That isn’t being transparent. That’s an attempt to slow down a large volume of posts like this. Reporting the website that it comes from is pointless as they’re using compromised SMTP servers. I should have been sent a notice that my data was compromised in compliance with GDPR laws. Are they even aware that they’ve had another data leak?

No leak has been confirmed yet, that is why we could not send any other message than informing we are looking into the recent phishing campaign, hopefully it is understandable.

and yes you are right, there is no need to double post on the forum, the topic is available for everyone to post there.

you have any details about that? is the smtp server allowing to send emails under trezor’s name (possibly even with DKIM) without authentication from anyone or what’s going on?

I mean it’s obvious given how many different domains the emails have come from.

you dont need your own SMTP server compromised for that, an attacker could use ANY SMTP server, if trezor’s SMTP server was actually compromised they could send from the trezor domain