Yoroi Keyphrases needed with Trezor?

Hi- My question revolves around unique key phrases for Yoroi- ADA. I was not presented with them when making my Yoroi wallet in July 2021 and then connecting Yoroi to my Trezor-T but did recently open a ERGO wallet recently where there was key phrases provided and I did not connect that to my Trezor-T. For ERGO it appeared that I got key phrases whether I wanted them or not and I am worried I will run into issues after Alonzo HF or may even have issues now that i need to rectify. I can see my ADA currently in Yoroi and that is connected to my Trezor-T

I plan to migrate to a new PC over next couple months and don’t want to lose ADA on Yoroi- or if my PC crashes

Generally if you use a 3rd party wallet and connect it with Trezor, it’s using Trezor’s keys and you don’t need to store a new seed phrase.

Ok thanks when I get new PC I will verify- appreciate the response