Yoroi ADA staking to Trezor Model T

Hello quick question. I am currently staking my ADA in Yoroi and already selected a delegate. I’m also receiving rewards. Does anybody know how to transfer ADA, delegate and rewards to my Trezor model T?

Hi @Hawynstyle you need to pair your Trezor with Yoroi wallet (export public keys), generate new receiving address (this one will be derived from your recovery seed), transfer your assets there and delegate to staking pool again.

You can not perform delegation from multiple addresses in the Cardano wallet. Once you decide to perform delegation, you agree to delegate 100% of your current stake in that wallet.

“transfer your assets there and delegate to staking pool again.”

Would I have to wait 20 days when staking pool again before I can start receiving rewards?

this is out of our scope but AFAIK yes you will have to wait at least 15 days (3epochs) however in the meantime, the old wallet is still going to pay you for what it had for the 3 epochs after.
Reason being everything is at a delay, so just like you waited a few epochs to get rewards on the first wallet when you initially staked, you will continue to get paid out after you move funds out.