Xrp, xlm, hbar and other coins iso20022

When they will support new currencies like xrp, xlm, hbar, something, I think they should have it in trezor one. I bought it to be able to store my crypto and it doesn’t work for those coins, I’m very disappointed.

Hi @Gonzalo,

XRP (XRP) is supported only by Trezor Model T, it cannot be supported by Trezor Model One due to its hardware limitations.

Hedera (HBAR) is not supported by any Trezor model, you need to use a different wallet for storing this cryptocurrency.

Stellar (XLM) is supported by both Trezor models, however, it is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. It means that you need to use 3rd party application that supports Trezor devices and also desired cryptocurrency. For Stellar you can use for example Account Viewer

After you connect Trezor to the Account Viewer, XLM receiving address will be generated and you can send your XLM to this address. The address is generated from recovery seed stored in your Trezor (and passphrase if you use this feature).

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