XRP on Trezor Wallet by Metamask

Good morning everyone! Basically i transferred my XRP (BNB Smart Chain) on my Metamask main wallet to my Metamask Trezor Wallet and I see them. I would like to trasfer the entire amount to my phisycal Trezor where I already have some XRP, but doesn’t allow me to do… Please help me.

that is not an actual XRP, it just a token version. If you want it on BSc you have to keep it like that, if you want to see it in Trezor, send it to an exchange and then to your Trezor as actual XRP (on XRP network).

thanks for your reply… Basically when I receive XRP on trezor it’s only on XRP Network? So I’m gonna send the XRP on my metamask BSC chain to Binance (Or where?) and then send by the XRP network to Trezor?


yes, exactly.

you can receive it on other network, which is what you already did, but it is not real XRP

thanks for your help!

Hey there, I’m having the same issue, except I can’t seem to see the XRP-BEP2 tokens on my metamask. I used to be able to see it on the binance dex, but I can’t anymore. Are you able to give me some advice on how to view them?

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