Wrong balance or transfer lost via Arbitrum One

I have sent eth from binance to trezor via Arbitrum One. In Arbiscan and Binance all success. But eth not seen on my balance. What can i do now? Please assist.

First of all, you need to understand that if you are using a bsc chain on an exchange, there will definitely not be any display on your suite. You need to view your assets on the bsc chain. The suite only supports the erc20 chain.

I see my eth on Arbiscan chain. But not in my balance. Is it possible connect trezor suit to metamask that already has arbitrum smart chain, and, can i see and manage with my eth in metamask in this case?

may be you can
you have to choose the same address as your suite eth address for wallet MM-trezor.

Very thanks, will try.