Worst experience using Trezor

I know this isn’t a place for writing reviews and more of a place to ask questions, but I’ve had such a bad experience that I feel I have to say something.

I’ve been a Trezor customer for over 3 years, mostly using the wallet to store my crypto. Now came the time that I decided to sell some of my crypto, one of the transactions went pending due to the fee having been set too low by default. Apparently a known technical issue, there’s even supposed to be a bump fee feature that was unavailable for me to use.
So my crypto was stuck and I had to do a laborious set up using Sparrow to free my crypto but that also meant I had to fully cancel my transaction. So in turn I lost several hundred Euros as the crypto’s value fell during the several days that the issue remained unresolved. It took a week for me to get my crypto back.

The fact that the wallet or the other platforms that are used to make the transaction puts the fee too low by default so the crypto gets stuck and the sale falls through is atrocious. I am told I have to set the fee myself and refer to a website that I was given a link to to make sure the fee will be correct. This shouldn’t even happen. It should just work straight out of the box.

I have never in my life been this dissatisfied with a service or a product. I’ve been unhappy with something but never as disappointed and even angry as I have with the experience I had using Trezor. This caused me so much stress. I’m normally quite a calm and understanding person. I would never use any Trezor product again nor recommend.


What do you really want to tell us? You have been using the Trezor for three years and now a transaction did not go through immediately because you did not set a sufficient miner fee amount. You can adjust this with a few clicks, but for unknown reasons you did not do so. Instead, you used a third party application and you blame Trezor for the volatility of your coin. Are you serious?

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By default Trezor puts a higher fee amount than most do (See https://mempool.space). I don’t understand which coin you speak of, but I assume you’re talking about Bitcoin. The default fee calculated by Trezor is most of the time more than enough for a transaction to be picked up within a couple of hours. But if you want priority you need to pay a high fee if you want the transaction to be done in 10 minutes (the technical minimum of Bitcoin).

I don’t understand why you’re blaming Trezor, because in Trezor you can even set a manual amount of miner fee, see below:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

It’s not Trezor’s problem if you didn’t saw this.

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