Wndows 8 not supported

What is this BS with no longer supporting Windows 8?? I get the security aspects, but the decision to upgrade the operating system I use is MINE - not YOURS. I have a completely secured & isolated system that has been running & maintained for many years and I really don’t like this bullshit of FORCING an upgrade. I’ve been a CISSP for 23 years and I don’t need this crap from some company that thinks it knows better than me. I will get the BTC transferred off of this wallet and I will then smash it with a hammer & mail the pieces to Trezor. My security setup is my business not some 2bit hardware company. This is absolute bullshit!!

sure, that is why you are more then welcome to use the web version of Suite which will work with your Win 8: https://suite.trezor.io/web/