WIthdrawing PENDLE token to TREZOR 1 using arbitrum is possible? How to ? thks

Hi. I have some Pendle and want to save it on my trezor 01, but as ETH fees are high, I’d like to use arbitrum instead. Is it possible? safe? I know I’d have to use with metamask…but worth it?
Thank you.

Hi @paulogambale,

I can confirm that it is possible to send PENDLE to your ETH address via the Arbitrum network. Keep in mind that the Arbitrum network is not supported in Trezor Suite. As you mentioned, you will be able to see the tokens only in 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask).

It is absolutely safe to connect Trezor device to any 3rd party device as all private keys are safely kept offline in Trezor device and never leave it.