Wiping Trezor while Trasaction in Pending

Hi Everyone, recently I bought the Safe 3 since I want Solana and I opened a Return ticket with Amazon for the model 1 (bought less than 30 days ago).

The problem is that I did 2 transactions from my Trezor Model 1 to Revolut to move my Bitcoins (so I can move them to the Safe 3 when it arrives). The first one had few dollars (test transaction) and it went through, the second one (with al the btc I had) is still pending.

I have to return the Trezor in less than 16 hours or I will loose the return policy.

Since a day passed and still is in pending I have no much hope it will go through today, Is is ok if I wipe my Trezor and send it back even if I have a transaction pending? In the worst case can I access my wallet from somewhere else since I have my provate key and passphrase saved on paper?

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Yes, transactions happen on the blockchain not on the device.

Perfect thanks :pray: , in case the pending transaction go back to the sender portfolio (if is even a possibility) which wallet should I use that can support passphrase to access?

almost any hot wallet will do the job…
cake wallet, stack wallet etc etc
edit: not sure they work with passphrases actually ?
you could just use the safe 3 when it comes ?

Yes I will use the safe 3 but I will create a new private key for that one since the passphrase I used with model 1 was typed on the pc. So was just to ask in case for some reasons the transaction does not go and the btc would still remain on the old private key.