Will Trezor Integrate with Light Network Using Taproot Asset?

Considering that Trezor is known for its top-tier security features, the question arises: will there be integration with the Light network? Even Binance, which I might not favor, offers capital inflow and outflow through the Light network. It would be truly remarkable for Trezor to establish integration with the recent Taproot Asset implementation, aiming to create Stablecoins directly within the Light network.
In summary, will we be able to receive tokens created on Taproot Asset?

Hi @H13,

I can confirm that we plan to support LN in the future (partially). You can follow our blog at https://blog.trezor.io, subscribe to our newsletter at https://subscribe.trezor.io/ and Twitter profile at https://twitter.com/Trezor to be on top of the news! News connected with LN support will be announced on these channels and on this forum.

You can also find basic information on how we suggest using LN for now in this post: Using the Lightning Network with your hardware wallet | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog