Why Trezor develop team is so slowly?

I am an crypto investor and I have over 6 different brands of cold wallet, and I have used trezor for over 10 months,i have some questions about trezor:
What’s trezor develop team doing every day? why the software is still so difficult to use?
1.About hide the scam token function,i see trezor told they will provide this in near future 1 year ago, but now it’s still not available ,for such a small function,is it really waste so many time?
2.Why there are still not support transaction and even watching wallet for every coin at iPhone ?
3.Why the trezor suite support just around 10 blockchains? why you don’t upgrade it after year and year?
4.Last about the performance of trezor suite, it’s very poor too.
Trezor is the earliest cold wallet supplier, and ledger is the most popular cold wallet brand, compare with ledger,i think trezor is nothing but just open source!!!if ledger finally open source, no one will want a trezor any more; compare with other new competitors,such as safepal,ellipal,coolwallet,they upgrade very quickly and find and solve problems and advise from users.
I hope trezor team pay more attention to user’s advise, pay more attention on development and functions of what user need.

Hi,one and half year passed,you still haven’t finish such a small function updates,what you are doing every day?

In the future, we will introduce the possibility to sort and favorite tokens soon, so you should be able to move it to the end of your token list so you do not have to see it.

Also for trezor model t hardware wallet,why there are only option for generate 12 words seed phrase? no option for 24 words?it’s the user who choose 12 or 24 words,not just telling us the 12 words is as safe as 24 words.

Have a look here:

No problem, please use Trezorctl to set 24 words if you want:


would be awesome to be able to do that in GUI tho, rather than needing an iirc python tool for that

Electrum is a GUI that allows you to set up a 24 word seed

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Sry i wasnt specific enough. I mean it would be neat to have the option to go 24 in the process in trezor suite.