Why Trezor bridge is needed?

Hello! Always used Trezor one with chrome via suite web. But now saw that Trezor Bridge needs to be installed for web suite usage. (Didn’t heard about it before)

So I have few questions. Why Trezor bridge is needed if I can use Trezor without its installation? For which purposes I need to install it?

And is it secure to use web suit without Trezor bridge installed? Could this be a risk for private info get leaked for Trezor device?

For normal Chrome usage you don’t nesecarily have to install bridge due to WebUSB. But for use with extensions (last time i checked they cant do webusb) or browsers that don’t support webusb in the first place, like Firefox, the bridge is a suitable alternative.

Also if you have beige installed the trezor site can find your trezor on its own without needing to click “find trezor” and going through the browser popup.