Why does Trezor use facebook flipper?

Can someone please explain to me why the Trezor Suite Lite has a facebook flipper tracker on it?

Does the regular suite have this as well?

I’m not allowed to post link’s but search:

reports exodus privacy eu org trezor suite.

Can this please be removed?

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Thank you for bringing up your concerns regarding the use of Flipper in Trezor Suite Lite.

We understand the apprehension given the association with Facebook/Meta, especially in the context of tracking. Let me clarify a few things:

  1. Purpose of Flipper: Flipper is a debugging tool used for mobile app development. It’s especially handy when working with apps developed using React and React Native, both of which are frameworks developed by Facebook/Meta. Using Flipper doesn’t mean that there’s any tracking going on; it’s simply a tool to help developers identify and fix issues in the app.
  2. Open Source Nature: It’s worth noting that Flipper is open source. This means its code is publicly available, allowing anyone to inspect it. This transparency ensures that there are no hidden functionalities, including unwanted tracking.
  3. Usage in Trezor Suite Lite: To be clear Flipper is not currently used in our production app, there is just an empty class called Flipper which is detected by the tool you are using. This will be cleaned up by the next version which will remove Flipper entirely, we anticipate that occurring by end of next month.

I hope this clears up any concerns you might have. We’re always open to feedback as we continue to develop and improve our products.


Thank you for your elaborate response.
You’ve removed my doubt, but I’ll still be more at ease when it’s removed later next month.

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